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Book Summaries


What would you do if you adopted a physically-abused little boy with multiple problems, and you discovered that numerous mental health services were unwilling and unable to help him, and you saw your little boy enter a downward spiral that you were unable to stop until the worst thing in the world happened?

This is Christopher's Story: An Indictment of the American Mental Health System​


Imagine if you showed up for your Senior year and learned your High School was closing.  Worse, students will have to attend their hated rival school.  Teachers are leaving, clubs and teams are dropped, no one wants to be the Principal.  In midst of the chaos, the newly elected Student President promises it will be one helluva year.

The promise will be kept.

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About the Author: Dr. John C. Rubisch

Dr. John C. Rubisch has over thirty years of experience working with the perpetual dysfunction of the American mental health system as a parent, social worker for abused children, substance abuse counselor, college and high school counselor.

Along with Christopher's Story and Mill River Senior High his other published works include Mill River Junior High, an audio/text program for middle school students, as well as numerous articles in publications on Counseling, Education, and Sports.

His video production Video Magic won the 2001 Mahnke Award, a national award given for excellence in amateur educational productions.

Holding a PhD in Instructional Systems from Penn. State University, Dr. Rubisch has done many nationwide presentations on education, counseling, and the use of technology in the classroom.  His proudest achievement is assisting the very many of his High School students reach their post-secondary dreams.​

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